A delusional uncle. A conniving ex.
One hella sassy FBI team.
This will all go according to plan...
The H.O.T.T.I.E.S. Series
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I write romantic mysteries about a group of misfits sent by the FBI as a last ditch, all-is-probably-lost-anyway team. They're the Highly Outrageous Tactical Team for Infiltration, Extraction, and Sabotage. Aka the H.O.T.T.I.E.S.  

Where are my books? Coming soon. If you'd like a sneak peek of Book One, Guys, Spies, & Other White Lies, click below for a sample from BookFunnel .  If you're craving more, scroll down and sign up for the Hotties newsletter. It's sporadic, filled with glimpses of the chaos that is my life, and will have Hotties only book specials for subscribers (when that fabulously exciting time comes)

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Here's to adventure, joy, and more love than you knew was possible,



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Nice to meet you. I write romantic comedies because life is surprising, love is complicated, and sex, well, it can be dang funny.

I was born in a desert. I had a buffalo and a pig as pets. According to my extended relatives, I ran around naked all the time. Awesome. Not at all mortifying.  


Fast forward through some relocations, both good and hard times, and lessons learned. A lot like you, I imagine. 


When I went to college, life really clicked. I discovered I wasn't the only one who seemed slightly...unusual. I ended up working with teens in the US and Europe. That's where I met Caesar's Ghost. No lie. He's not nearly as scary as he sounds. He's only got one eye and two legs. Oh, and he's a cat living at a B&B in Rome. 

I came home, married my best friend, and dove into the magnificent chaos of raising kids. My laundry is never caught up and I write stories about love and chemistry and how beautifully awkward romance can be. 

Me to my hubby:
"Hey Ron, gimme a quote about love and romance."

"Is this some kind of trick?"




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