Secrets, Stickiness and Wildfires [Welcome to my world.]

June 10, 2018

We're on fire.




Not in the cool, I'm-killin'-it sense. Nope. We're actually on fire.


I live in southwest Colorado. *waves* I think I counted five snowflakes that fell this year. [Warning. I'm a writer. I am prone to hyperbole...aka exaggerations. Strap in.] It's rained, oh, about three tablespoon-fulls this spring and summer.


Another fun fact about where I live. I'm surrounded by pine trees...very dry pine trees. For those of you who may not be pyromaniacs, on a scale of water to moonshine, pine tree sap burns like rocket fuel. 


All that aside, we have two forest fires burning near us right now. The 416 fire north of Durango and the Burro fire near a town called Dolores.


The folks at Four Corners Digital Imagery created this time lapse video...




We're getting pretty nervous. So, to all you wunderkinds out there: new mission. Please find a way to siphon a minor hurricane our direction. Thank you.


Which makes another project pretty interesting. You see, my best friend and I direct a mystery camp for youth down here, sort of an outdoor escape room. Kids find clues by canoeing out onto a lake and orienteering, or by going white water rafting (the guides hide the clues on the river) and by doing crazy activities. Good fun. This year we have record numbers signed up. 




It's a real test of faith. I'm here making clues and props, and at the same time the Forest Service may close campgrounds due to fire. Here's to the unknown!


Which brings us to the sticky. Do I have any resin jewelry makers out there? I just dipped my toe into this super fun world. I'm making "author swag" for a writers' conference in Denver in July. Anyone going to the at the RWA Convention in July? I get to give a workshop of Wilderness Survival for Writers. Mention this blog post. I have something special for you...


Thank goodness it's not on resin casting. As of now, my kitchen bar, several articles of clothing, and one cat have fancy new resin splotches on them. Score.




In any case, I need to get back to writing. It was fun chatting. 


Wishing you a few fun surprises, some messy creativity, and calm in the midst of whatever storm you may be facing.




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