I won a shoe and flipped a canoe. How 'bout you? #rockstars

June 23, 2018

Hmm. Note to self: scratch poetry collection project.




... my shoe! Isn't it beautiful?!


Well, it's not exactly my shoe. My team won it in a 5K I ran this morning...up a hill and back down again.


(You might be thinking, "Wow. Looks like someone just took an old running shoe, hot glued it to a plate, and spray painted it." You'd be RIGHT!)


Here's where I should probably tell you that there were only three teams, that it was a fund raiser for our local library, and that I am one of the slowest runners you will ever meet. We only won because my team was made up of other ladies who are real runners and my cross-country-running son. And I laughed just about the whole dang race.


But I think I'll omit that and let you think I'm a beast. Yes. Sounds good. I'm a beast.


Also...check this out. I'm the one in the front of the canoe that flips. No make up. Bad hair. Terrified. Yep. That one.



Some of you may know that my friend there, T3, and I run a mystery camp for kids. We had to go and do this (flip in ice bath pond)so that we could do that (let kids search for clues in canoes). 


I may be a slow runner, afraid of frigid pond water, and my trophy may be a foot-funky gold tennis shoe, but that's the kind of stuff that makes life grand.


What are your favorite funky adventures? What pond monsters have you faced lately? I'd love to hear about it.



Ciao, bel lettore,









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