Writing, Spying, and a Little Bit o' Lying...

October 21, 2019



Some of you know I'm neck deep in revisions on three books for the H.O.T.T.I.E.S. series. We have dead bodies, crazy uncles, and pretend boyfriends. We have a souped up bulldog, delicious complications, and an undercover rendezvous at a strip club. Best of all, we (almost) have a publishing date. I'm so excited to get to do cover reveals, excerpts, book trailers, podcasts, and more. 


Patience was never my strong quality.


In the mean time, revisions are, well, like twisting a permanent molar with a jumbo sized pair of pliers held by your feet while hanging up-side-down over a churning volcano. Yes, I'm lying. Somewhat. I would completely agree I'm being a drama queen. It feels good, but it's still not enough.


I've shopped. I've baked. I've belly danced. I've even orchestrated a robot's murder with my partner in crime at an outdoor adventure camp for youth. Still, I'm feeling...restless. 


Given that, and the fact that I really suck at blogging, (after all, who wants to read about my five different flossing techniques and which 80s hair band goes best with each?), I've decided ta heck with it. I'm gonna have a little fun. 


Since I write under my alter ego, M, the disgraced spy, I figure why not actually try out some spy stuff in real life? Then I can come back and tell you what went right, what was an epic fail, and where to send bond money. So. That's what I'm doing. I have some ideas sketched out: breaking into a fingerprint secured device, tailing someone, infiltrating somewhere I'm not entirely supposed to be, and disguises. Before I start, though, I'm just trying to make sure I don't like actually get arrested. Or pepper sprayed. Or sued. I can just see it now. "But, Mr. Federal Agent, it was all for research. You see I'm a writer..."


I wonder how many times they hear that one?


Out of the spy "ish" stuff you know about, what would you like to see me try? Drop a comment or email me. I'll see what I can do.


'Til then, Hotties, go be bold.





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