So Why the Weird Pen Name?

Simple. It's all part of the game.


When I decided to write this series, I made a commitment that, no matter what, I was going to have fun. You gotta be a little sassy with life sometimes, especially when you tackle a dream.

Two years ago, while trying on some ridiculous, fabulous shoes, I got the giggles, some really weird stares, and an idea for a story. I published the first two books, not really expecting much to happen. Lo and behold, it seems a few of you out there got the giggles, too.


I was surprised by the warm reception, so, on the advice of someone much more successful than me, I pulled the books, hired a rock star editor, and have been hard at work upping my game.


Some people warned me that my pen name would confuse readers, others seem to think they'll dive right into the game. Only time will tell, but so far the emails have been awesome. 


Ok, blah blah blah. What's the takeaway? Maybe this:


Whatever you do, whether it's choosing a name, following your dream, or picking your next pair of shoes, I wish you courage and authenticity. I hope you don't choose the brown leather if you're feeling the glittery Converse. This life is short. Pleasing everyone is impossible; it's also not your job.

Might as well have some fun...



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